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My top three priorities if I am re-elected Commissioner of the 6th Ward of Haverford Township are the following:

1. A state-of-the-art Library at its current site. We have undertaken to improve a great deal of Township assets, including our Township Building and Police Headquarters, the Skatium, the CREC, and the Public Works facilities. It is time for us to invest in a modern library, with adequate parking, centrally located in Havertown. The return to our constituents in increased property values and increased business in the Township will make this investment the best financial decision we've made in a long time.

2. Increasing diversity and inclusion and awareness in all aspects of Township business. Our board and commissions, our staff, our Police Department, and our Board of Commissioners need to reflect the broader community we serve, and need to benefit from the perspectives and experiences of a more diverse crop of applicants, candidates, officers and employees.

3. Growing our existing business districts to avoid the economically unstable dependence on residential property taxes to fund all our township services. It is crucial as an inner ring suburb that we avoid the fate of some nearby municipalities that saw a shrinking tax base struggle to fund a static financial need, driving more taxpayers from the Township and discouraging business growth. For too long we have fallen back on the excuse of calling our First Class Township a "bedroom community" to justify failing to commit to the steps we need to take to have thriving business centers throughout our township. Better parking, including municipal lots, better planning (including a new Comprehensive Plan), and better cooperation between our business centers and our residential areas are crucial ingredients for this plan.

Larry Holmes
The Township faces many more issues than just the enumerated ones above, but I see these three as crucial, well-timed, and capable, in their execution, of helping to solve multiple issues at the same time.